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57pc support importing 100MW power from India

Some 57 percent of Pakistanis have favoured purchasing 100 MW electricity from India while 46 percent are of the view that the prevailing energy crisis is difficult to end in next three years.

In a Gallup survey on the energy crisis conducted with the coordination of Geo in all the four provinces of the country from 8 to 10 July, a representative sample of men and women were interviewed.

The main question of the survey was: “Are you in favour of purchasing 100MW power from India?” As many as 27percent people replied in positive while 30 percent gave their mixed response. However, 12 percent people opposed the idea while 9 percent opposed to some extent. As many as 15 percent people remained impartial and 8 percent did not reply.

When asked what the possibilities of ending the energy crisis in next 3 years was, 46 percent viewed it was difficult while 26 percent termed it impossible but 23 percent hoped the crisis would end and only 4 percent did not reply.

When asked if they would accept 30 percent raise in tariff to end loadshedding and power crisis 29 percent replied in favour while 23cent replied in negative and 5 percent did not reply.

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