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56MW wind power project ready for launch

Arif Alauddin, CEO of Alternative Energy Development Board, said four wind energy projects will serve as a model for other projects and the pace of development of another 400-600 megawatts wind energy project will be expedited, said a statement Wednesday. He said Zorlu Enerji (56.4MW) is ready for the formal launch.

He was speaking at the 6th International Power Conference and Exhibition on Emerging Energy Mix for Sustainable Power Generation organised by the Sindh Youth Affairs Department and National Forum for Environment and Health.

Arif urged the government to persuade sugar industry owners to set up co-generation bagasse/biomass-based power plants. Recently, the economic coordination committee has approved the ‘Policy Framework for Power Co-Generation, 2013 (Bagasse/Biomass)’, to be administrated by the board.

Bagasse (sugar mills waste) is environmentally friendly and can help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the country’s power sector. Other benefits includes, precious savings in foreign exchange spent on import of furnace oil. Five hundred million dollars can be saved by consumers in fuel cost if 2,000 MW is generated by cheaper bagasse. During the occasion, speakers said independent power producers (IPPs) can generate more energy with more efficiency as compared to public sector.

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