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50m could be saved converting agri tube-wells on bio-gas

We will be able to save 50 billion rupees after converting agriculture tube-wells on bio-gas. Punjab Government will complete two 50, 50 Mega Watts energy projects in the beginning of the next year. Quied-e-Azam Solar Park which is consisted upon 10 thousand acres of land at Bahawalpur will be inaugurated soon and hundreds of Mega Watts will be generated. This is a need of hour to flourish and strengthen the country\’s economy and for this; the Punjab government will give the subsidy on tube wells to the farmers.

This was stated by the Provincial Minister for Energy & Mines, Ch. Sher Ali, while talking to the media here today. He said that the progress and improvement about the energy projects are examined by the Chief Minister Punjab on daily basis which is providing positive results.

He said that the day is not too far when we will be taken the exemplary steps for the development and the strengthening the economy of the country with the exited from the energy crises. He said we are doing efforts day and night for generating the energy with alternative resources instead of common ways. He said for generating energy, Punjab Energy Fund has allocated as well as Energy Secretariat is also playing active role.

He said all possible resources are utilizing for generating thousands of Mega Watts energy and the first priority of the Punjab government is to overcome the energy crises.The Minister said Punjab government is trying to generate energy with solar, hydle, begas and other alternative resources.

He said the energy projects will be completed with the high speed performance and for this all required facilities are being provided to the energy companies.

He said Punjab government is doing hard efforts for not only generating energy, rather also for stopping the electricity theft and waist and in future, all new housing schemes, street lights, traffic signals, commercial plazas and home appliances will be utilized by the solar energy. The Minister further said, the people should also play their role and cooperate with the government so, we can overcome energy load shedding with the present energy until generation of the new power.

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