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30 megawatts wind power project to be set up near Thatta

At a time when local and foreign investors are shying away from investing in new projects because of uncertain domestic economic and security situation, the establishment of Tapal Wind Energy project at Jhimpir in Thatta district by a group of forward looking entrepreneurs is creditable.

A conglomerate of three leading business houses, namely Tapal Group, Akhtar Group and Ismail Group, defying all odds have come forward to set up a 30MW wind power project on 200 acres of land. The project will be completed in 12 to 15 months. Leading companies of China, i.e. M/S Hydrochina and Goldwind WTGS are project contractors. Feasibility study has been submitted to AEDB for approval. The three sponsors have executed the mandate with National Bank of Pakistan for arrangement of project debt. To highlight project details, a presentation session was organised by Tapal Group, Akhtar Group and Ismail Group jointly at a local hotel here on Thursday.

Asad Iqbal, Director Ismail Power welcomed local and foreigner guests present on the occasion. Later, he invited Mutafa Tapal to give presentation about Tapal wind project. Mutafa Tapal, Director Tapal Wind, elaborated the project, its coast, partners, contractors, land and targeted generation of wind electricity from this project. He also threw light on the brief profiles of the said three groups including Tapal, Ismail and Akhtar with their achievements in power and other specific sectors.

Later, representatives from two Chinese companies including HydroChina and GoldWind WTGs gave presentation about their companies, field of operations and achievements world-wide. On the occasion, Zubair Motiwala Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh and Chairman Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) said that Government of Pakistan has timely initiated work on wind power sector and Sindh government is also seriously taking steps for the generation of electricity from this particular sector.

He said that Sindh government has planned 32 wind power projects having a capacity of 10 to 500MW which are in-line and work is in progress to make them operative. He said that China and Pakistan are best friends and we can’t forget special support of Chinese government and its companies in establishment of wind power projects @ Jhimpir area of Sindh province.

“SBI is taking serious efforts to boost up wind energy sector, we took up matter of wind electricity tariff with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet gave approval of sustaining the current tariff for next two years”, he said. Zubair said that our previous target was to generate 5,700MW electricity from wind energy but now we are thinking to increase this at 6,200MW. All stakeholders should support us to achieve this, he insisted. In the end, Adnan Tapal, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Tapal Wind wound up the event by thanking all the participation for making the event purposeful.

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