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Work at Nai Gaj and Naulong dams to begin

Following the award of contracts by the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), the contractors have been mobilised at the sites of the Nai Gaj and Naulong dams to begin construction work.

The Nai Gaj and Naulong dams were planned in compliance with the President’s directives for betterment of the people of the backward areas.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan had directed WAPDA to construct a number of small and medium-sized dams in the four provinces and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). In addition mega projects in the water and hydropower sectors were to be executed. These small and medium dams were meant for the socio-economic development of the people of these remote areas. The projects would help store water for irrigated agriculture, mitigate floods, generate low-cost hydel electricity for the local populace, provide employment opportunities and encourage the emancipation of women.

The Nai Gaj Dam is being constructed across the Gaj River in the district Dadu of Sindh, with a total project cost of about Rs.26.2 billion. The 194-foot high dam would store 300,000 acre feet of water to irrigate about 29,000 acres of land. The project would create employment opportunities for 6,500 persons during its construction, operation and maintenance. The annual benefit of the project was estimated to be more than Rs.3 billion. The Naulong Dam is being constructed on the Mula River in the Jhal Magsi district of Balochistan, with a total project cost of about Rs.16 billion. The project, with a water storage capacity of nearly 250,000 acre feet, would irrigate 47,000 acres of land. Some 4,300 employment opportunities would be generated during the construction, operation and maintenance of the project. The benefit of the project was calculated to be more than Rs.2 billion per annum.

High efficiency irrigation systems -drip, sprinkler, were also included in the project to allow maximum benefit of stored water. The Federal Government announced that it would also provide upto 25 acres of land to the poor women of the project areas.

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