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Water-related projects to be completed soon in Gwadar, Jiwani

Gwadar’s water issue is to be resolved soon as a few water-related projects are expected to be completed soon, said Sohail-ur-Rehman, deputy commissioner of Gwadar here on Monday.

“A major breakthrough took place on November 9 during the prime minister’s special meeting with the Balochistan Cabinet at Gwadar,” he said. “The Mirani dam project was approved to connect it to Gwadar in order to avert the prevailing water crisis.”

The project’s estimated cost is Rs4.5 billion for the provision of water supply to the people of Gwadar, he added. In view of project funding, the prime minister has announced that 50 percent funds would be provided by the federal government, while the rest would be provided by the provincial government.

“The estimated timeframe for project completion is almost two years,” he said. He further added that once the project materialises, the Mirani dam would have the capacity to provide a minimum of seven million water gallons per day.

Gwadar and Jiwani’s current population is around 0.2 million. The daily water requirement of the population stands at 3.5 million gallons.

The Sunt Sar Water Supply Scheme, which costs Rs350 million, would have the capacity to generate 10,000 gallons per hour, he said. However, this would be a small support system for the water deprived populace, he added.

Rehman said that the desalination plant, which was kept idle, would be completed by December 31 with a cost of Rs180 million as the provincial government had provided funds for it. It would have the capacity of 200,000 gallons per day. Furthermore, to provide water through the pipeline from desalination, the government has also approved a project of Rs220million to avert tanker costs.

Another project, which has almost been completed is the Sawad dam in Nalant. It has a capacity of 45,000 acre feet, which would also bode well for the current water crisis.

According to Rehman, Gwadar and Jiwani are still on temporary water tanker supply since the last 20 weeks. Each tanker costs almost Rs15,000 and so far the provincial government has allocated Rs154 million for the water tankers, whereas almost Rs190 million still has to be paid. It is expected that the cost would increase further till the time different projects are completed, he observed.

These tankers, he added, are supplying water from the Belar dam, which is 85 kilometre away from Gwadar.

The water crisis started in Gwadar and Jiwani almost 20 weeks ago when the Ankara Kaur dam, which was the sole source of water supply, dried out and caused a severe water shortage. However, Rehman is hopeful that the ongoing water projects would be completed on time, which would help to overcome the present water crisis.

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