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Warsak’s generation capacity to be raised to 525MW

The power generation capacity of Warsak hydropower station will be raised to 525MW from the existing 250MW by constructing an underground power house, according to an official announcement made on Wednesday. The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has agreed, in principle, to construct another powerhouse of 375MW at Warsak, River Kabul in addition to the existing power station. The decision to this effect was made in a meeting presided over by Shakil Durrani, chairman of WAPDA, at the WAPDA House, it said.

Claudio Vissa, team leader of the consultants – a joint venture of RSWI, Canada and DEC, Pakistan – said that in addition to the new underground powerhouse, the Warsak power station will contribute more than 1.6 billion units of electricity to the national grid against the present contribution of around 0.9 billion units, resulting in additional financial gains of more than Rs6 billion per annum, he added.

Durrani said that the new Warsak hydropower project is a component of the two-pronged strategy being implemented by WAPDA on priority basis for optimal utilisation of the water resources. Besides constructing new hydropower projects, rehabilitation and upgradation of the old hydel power stations are also being carried out under the strategy to help inject low-cost hydel electricity to the national grid, he added.

The existing Warsak hydel power station is located on the River Kabul, 30km from Peshawar. The project was completed in two phases. In the first phase, four units having cumulative generation capacity of 160MW were installed in 1960, while in the second phase, two more units of 83MW were added in 1981, raising the capacity of the power station to around 250MW.

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