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Wapda employees consume free electricity worth Rs3 billion

192,000 workers not paying their electricity bills

ISLAMABAD: Wapda employees consume free of cost electricity worth approximately Rs3 billion — roughly 360.6 million units of electricity — annually, it was learnt Tuesday.

The latest revelation came to light during Tuesday’s meeting of the Senate Committee on Water and Power presided by Senator Zahid Khan. According to details, the committee recommended putting an immediate end to the supply of free electricity to Wapda employees.

Every year 1,92,000 Wapda employees do not pay for electricity. Out of this number, 54,000 have already retired.

The committee was also told that 28 employees had been sacked on the charge of electricity theft.

Committee Chairman Zahid Khan said that the provision of free electricity to Wapda employees meant an increased burden on consumers due to the inefficiency of the power sector.

He advised the concerned authorities to increase the salaries of Wapda employees so that they could afford to pay for the electricity they consumed.

Speaking on the occasion, Energy Management Cell (EMC) chief Basharat Cheema said that the bleeding power sector had braved an estimated Rs104 billion loss just because of inefficiency in the recovery of bills and electricity theft.

Secretary of Water and Power Zafar Mehmood opined, “The government has disconnected the electricity supply of many consumers who owe dues worth Rs30 billion. Consumers from Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa alone owe Rs23 billion of this amount.”

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Electric Supply Company (Pesco)’s CEO revealed that its consumers were experiencing an additional six hours of power failures due to substandard grids system and transformers.

“The system is not strong enough to bear the load of electricity.

“Even if the supply side is improved power failures in KP cannot be done away with until the system is upgraded,” he observed.

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