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WAPDA contributed 28,206m units to the national grid

The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) contributed 28,206 million units of low-cost hydel electricity to the national grid in fiscal year 2011-12, a statement said on Thursday.

The share of hydel generation in the overall system during the year ended June 30 stood at 31 percent, while the rest of 69 percent electricity was generated mainly through gas, residual furnace oil (RFO) and high-sulphur diesel-based thermal power plants, it said.

How instrumental had been the hydel share in lowering the electricity tariff for the end consumers during 2011-12 can be assessed from the fact that the average purchase rate of the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) for hydel electricity was merely Rs1.41 per unit as compared to the average purchase rate of Rs5-8 per unit for gas-based, Rs13-18 per unit for RFO-based and Rs18-22 per unit for HSD-based electricity during the corresponding period, the statement said.

Had this hydel share not been there, the average basket rate (consumers’ rate) would have been around Rs13.50 per unit instead of Rs9.50 per unit, it said.

The total installed capacity of WAPDA hydel power stations stands at 6,516MW. Most importantly, this installed capacity, unlike thermal power plants, is not deteriorated by a single megawatt because of the efficient maintenance of the hydel power stations. On availability of the required water, as much as 6,516MW can be produced through hydel power stations.

According to details of hydel electricity generated during fiscal year 2011-12, 3,478MW Tarbela Power Station contributed 14,057 million units, 1,410MW Ghazi Barotha 6,979 million units, 1,000MW Mangla 4,666 million units, 243MW Warsak 991 million units, 184MW Chashma 1,067 million units, 72MW Khan Khwar 176 million units, and other small hydel power stations produced 270 million units of low-cost and environment-friendly electricity, it said.

In order to increase the share of hydel electricity in the national grid and to stabilise the power tariff, WAPDA is implementing a number of large projects in the water and hydropower sectors.

Upon completion, these projects will help generate around 20,000MW of electricity and store around 12 million acres feet of water, it added.

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