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Wapda claims end to unscheduled loadshedding

The Ministry of Water and Power has claimed that no unscheduled loadshedding is taking place throughout the country whereas due to increase in the power generation, the scheduled loadshedding has been reduced by two hours.

According to a private news channel quoting officials of the Ministry of Water and Power, power generation from Muzaffargarh Power Plant has been fully restored. Besides this, 1570 megawatt of electricity from A.S. Lalpir, Pakchin and Northern Power Generation Company has been added in the system. Officials say that 130 megawatts of electricity is being received from Guddu Thermal Power Plant.

By all this, the electricity shortfall has been reduced as the total production of electricity has reached 14,200 megawatt and duration of load shedding has also been reduced to two hours whereas unscheduled load shedding throughout the country is not taking place.

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