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USAID to provide new water pumps for CDA’s 208 tubewells

The USAID would help the Water Management Wing of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in saving electricity and improving water supply by providing new water pumps for all 208 tubewells in the federal capital.

An official of the CDA told ‘The News’ on Monday that in the first phase the USAID would provide 50 water pumps to replace over 20-year-old pumps which could help in saving energy and increasing efficiency of tubewells. “First we will check performance of new water pumps and then request for procurement of the remaining 158 pumps,” the official said.

A representative of the USAID said that his organisation is sponsoring the replacement of CDA tubewell pumps as it extends its energy efficiency programme from agriculture sector to municipalities.

The CDA tubwells, mostly installed in the National Park area, are the second biggest source of water supply to Islamabad after the Simly Dam but the civic body never attempted to enhance their capacity of watersupply.

The efficiency of these tubewells had further gone down due to unscheduled loadshedding while electricity connections of various tubewells also remained suspended for some time during the current summer season.The first of the 50 water pumps would be installed at a tubewell in F-9 Park today (Tuesday).

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