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Turkish firm threatens to quit LNG project

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain on Thursday experienced odd situation when representative of Turkey’s Global Energy Infrastructure Limited lost his temper over the inordinate delay in issuance of the tenders for integrated LNG project and started shouting at the adviser, saying his company quits the project.

“Mr Asim, I will never see you again and I will see how it is done.” These were the exact quotes of the representative of the Turkish company Ahmat Caliskan, according to top officials at the ministry of petroleum and natural resources.

Sources said that Dr Asim told Caliskan that the ministry had sent to the economic coordination committee (ECC) another multipurpose summary for short-term import of LNG. This ignited the representative of Global Energy Infrastructure Limited who said that this mean the issue is open-ended and the company is lost in the winds.

When contacted, CalsiKan said: “Yes, he showed some disagreement with the adviser over the new summary of LNG to be sent to the ECC, saying that the government is not clear about the project and every day the ministry comes up with new changes in the proposed project.”

He said that the government has no clarity and his company has so far invested $20 million but the ministry is now going to move to ECC with new summary. However, CalsiKan refuted that he shouted at the adviser.

Until now my company has invested $20 million and every month the company pays $1 million to EPC contractors since last November. “We have arranged the land and ready for constructing the LNG terminal but the government is not issuing the tenders.”

He said: “We do not need preferential treatment and want to win the project in a competitive bidding as per the international standards. We will participate for the integrated LNG project, otherwise we will quit it.” However, he said that he would examine the behaviour of the government first towards the integrated project of LNG and if his company failed, then he will wait for the interim government.

“I had come here only for Pakistan under special feelings to bailout the country from acute energy crisis, the authorities concerned seem not inclined to resolve the crisis. We wanted to invest in Pakistan a lot but waiting since long just for nothing

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