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The rise of energy efficient Pakistanis

Pakistan faces an energy shortfall of 5000 MW and there is much debate within the country about how to rectify this situation. The focus of is generally directed towards generation which is a costly long term solution.On the other hand, energy efficient practices are often underestimated even though they offer budget friendly immediate relief. While energy efficiency is a relatively new concept and many people in the developed world have yet to understand let alone adopt it, attention should be drawn to the positive contribution of Pakistani farmers who are a testament to the efficacy of energy efficient practices. They have understood and embraced the concept of energy efficiency and should be lauded as pioneers.

It takes a staggering $1.5 Million to generate 1 MW of energy, but by replacing old inefficient tubewells with efficient ones (with a generous 50% cost-share from USAID), it only takes 140 responsible farmers to save 1 MW. 1700 such pioneering farmers have already participated in the program and increasing that number exponentially will produce the sort of results that will have a positive impact on the life of every Pakistani. Large scale implementation of this plan could help save 1000 MW through the agricultural sector alone.

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