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Thar coal is future of Pakistan, Dr Samar tells NA body

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Science and Technology Wednesday asked the government to tap all resources for the Thar coal project and provide funds as proposed by the Planning Commission to overcome the energy crisis in the country. “Thar coal is the future of Pakistan but due to non-availability of required funds, the project was pending,” Dr Samar told the committee.

The committee which met here with Dr Abdul Kadir Khanzada in the chair was briefed by Dr Samar Mubarakmand on the issue of the Thar Coal project and underground coal gasification (UCG) project. He apprised the committee that his team had carried out work on the block-5 project and got successful results in the field.

Dr Samar also informed the committee on the total power generation of the world, worldwide UCG experience, seam depth and thickness, map of exploration and availability of coal in the area. The committee was also briefed about five other Thar coal blocks allotted to local and international companies and three more blocks available for investment.

Dr Samar also updated the committee about drilling rigs in operation and production by it. He also talked about new options for Pakistan with UCG from Thar lignite coal and said with the process of Thar coal they could make power steam, diesel low cost gas, methanol and ammonia urea.

Member Planning Commission informed the committee that he had also examined the project on site and found it practicable. The committee members including Mehmood Bashir Virk, Dr Khatu Mal Jeewan, Anusha Rehman, Shakeel Awan, Zafar Baig Bhittani and Jamshed Dasti supported the Thar coal project.The Annual report of the Pakistan Science Foundation for the year 2009-10, tabled before the house in July 2012, was also presented before the committee.

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