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Solar energy is the answer to Pakistan’s power crisis

Solar energy generation is the real time solution to Pakistan’s growing energy scarcity problem whereby environment-friendly renewable energy can be produced in the shortest possible time, said Chairman of Buksh Energy Pvt Ltd Asim Buksh.

He quoted a World Bank report, which said that Pakistan had massive solar energy generation potential and an available production capacity of 2.8 million MW, while talking at the Buksh Group head office on Thursday.

The Buksh Group has successfully shifted a majority of its electricity load on renewable solar energy from a conventional Wapda transmission system by installing an off grid power generation system at its head office.

“If renewable energy generation options are not adopted, the power shortage will become more acute – to 19000 MW by 2020,” said Buksh. His company has been offering off grid energy solutions to businesses, offices and domestic consumers with two to three years’ payback period by reducing their electricity bills. Solar power generation is the cheapest source of energy, he said.

Talking about some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, he said that the Buksh Foundation – a non-profit organisation had successfully electrified two villages of Sahiwal districts, in Punjab while the process of electrifying other districts was also underway.

“We have provided solar lanterns to the villagers. These are recharged through a solar generator that is installed at one house in that village,” he said. One solar generator can recharge 50 lanterns at a time, he said. The company has provided off grid electricity solutions to those villages which are not electrified by Wapda or any other electricity supply company, he said.

“By providing solar lanterns we have given a new life to these villagers. After the installation of solar lanterns in these two villages, villagers from adjacent villages have also approached us to install the same technology in their villages too,” Buksh said.

Earlier, in the briefing, the CEO of Buksh Foundation Fiza Farhan said that Buksh Energy was the leading Energy Servicing Company (ESCO) operating in Pakistan.

“Buksh Energy has successfully converted the head office operations on solar energy. It is an off grid/hybrid solar PV solution which has enabled the head office to get rid of the conventional and unreliable sources of energy including UPS and generators. This off grid/hybrid solar PV solution incurs only a one time investment cost and is a minimal maintenance solution that provides its users with a payback of less than four years and a sustainable project life of 25 years,” she said.

The total energy load had been reduced by 80 percent and the lighting load of 13.59 KW had been reduced to 2.52 KW, she said. The project has rendered annual savings of Rs1,949,472 and a payback period of 1.8 years.

Farhan said that the company was working on micro, meso and macro level to provide alternate, reliable and sustainable energy solutions for commercial, residential and industrial purposes.

Moreover, the company was working with credible international vendors which include big names such as SMA.

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