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Smart grid — solution to energy crisis

Solution to energy crisis in Pakistan lies in smart grid (Intelligent Energy Management) and use of solar energy along with the electricity of Wapda.

This was stated by Prof Dr Yaqoob Raziq of University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, US, at the concluding ceremony of a four-day workshop on “load management through smart grid” held at Federal Urdu University on Thursday.

He said that in Pakistan line losses are much more as compared to other countries. Through smart grid not only loss of energy can be controlled but load can also be managed.

“By using smart grid, we can restrict any house, company or factory from using unlimited load. We can even restrict the residents from using air conditioners,” he said.

“We can also fix the limit of use of electricity for every house through smart grid for a certain time period due to which we can make sure that at least electricity for bulbs and other small appliances will be provided round the clock,” he said.

“We have to introduce solar panels in every house along with electricity coming from Wapda. It will not only reduce the electricity bills but will also solve the issue of electricity shortage,” he said.

While talking about the qualities of smart grid he said that it is possible that person using solar energy would become a power producer.

While person would be out of home, electricity produced by the solar panel will start adding in the national grid and his metre will start moving in reverse direction.

However, he said that only solution of electricity stealing (theft) is that Wapda should disconnect the electricity of the house on a permanent bases.

Chief guest of the workshop, Mian Muhammad Javed, founder member of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said that transmission and distribution of energy can be made intelligent by integrating the existing power system with telecommunication system, including engaging Sensors Networks and Information Technology.

“The greatest wish of any utility company is that either power be stored or consumer behaviour could be changed so that peak efficiencies could be achieved. Smart distribution system can curtail peak demand by shifting consumption away from periods of peak demand,” he said.

Head of department of electrical engineering, Junaid Nawaz while talking to Dawn said that solar energy is more environment friendly as compared to energy produced by coal and other petroleum products.

“We have to move towards some advance technology regarding energy because only that is how we can solve the crises of energy in our country,” he said.

More than 50 participants including foreign faculty members, teachers, researchers, professionals and engineering students attended the workshop.

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