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Sethi introduces carrot-and-stick policy to overcome power crisis

The newly-appointed Secretary Water and Power Nargis Sethi has floated a crash programme, involving carrot-and-stick policy, to curb electricity theft and increase revenue for circular debt-ridden power sector.

Addressing officers, engineers and staff of distribution companies (Discos) here on Friday at the Wapda House, she said the government would initiate “Performance Incentive Schemes” for power distribution companies and upgrade service rules accordingly if they eliminate power theft in three months.

There will be no mercy for those involved in power theft, she said emphatically. We will have to end what she called kunda culture. We would punish those employees who facilitate power theft and there will be strict action against consumers involved in theft irrespective of political pressure, she observed.

She asked officers to reduce power theft and increase recovery. The complaints of masses about distribution system should be addressed.

She said her ministry would take drastic steps to remove corruption from the sector on war-footing basis. She said the government would introduce special reward system for honest workers and those who would show negligence would be punished in order to improve governance in power sector. Similarly, Sethi said performance of power distribution companies would be monitored strictly. She added that ministry would announce results about performance of distribution companies that which company had shown credible performance in all sectors.

Sethi also unveiled a plan aiming at major reforms in power sector. She said the government would bring major changes in the power sector to ensure equal distribution of power in the country and to ensure uninterrupted supply of power.

Sethi said a series of steps would have to be taken for image building of the power sector. There is a need to improve image of power companies in the eyes of masses, she said and added that a major facelift was needed in this direction.

Secretary Water and Power scolded employees of Discos for bad governance, including line losses, power theft and unannounced loadshedding and failure in increasing revenue collection. She said power supply should be given without any discrimination. Uniform power supply was one of the top-most priorities of the government, Sethi said adding major changes are required in power sector in this connection.

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