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Senate body on S & T appreciates working of PCSIR

Successful demonstration of production of electricity from coal at Thar by Pakistan Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) may help overcome current energy shortage in the country. Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Science and technology Senator, Professor Sajid Mir said this while presiding over a meeting held here Thursday at PCSIR. He said PCSIR can play a pivotal role in meeting tenergy requirements in long and short term. While briefing the Committee, Chairman, PCSIR Dr.Shaukat Pervez said out of the large number of research publications (over 4000) that PCSIR produced during the period, 70 percent relates to the evaluation of local materials.

He said the data thus generated is the single most important contribution of the PCSIR, which no other organization in the country can claim.

The Chairman said the Scientists and Technologists of PCSIR developed 684 industrial processes and products and 350 numbers of patents, mostly based on the locally available raw materials.

He said a large number of formulated products are being imported at exorbitant rates resulting in the expenditure of costly foreign exchange by the textile, leather, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household chemicals, food additives and consumer products industries in the form of emulsions, surfactants, resins, adhesives, plastic parts, perfumes, flavors and other chemical and non-chemical products.

Members of the Committee showed their concern that the organization was fully facilitating research projects but these research projects were not utilized on larger scale.

The Chairman said that their research was open for all and anyone can take advantage and apply these research projects on highest level.

Federal State Minister for Science and Technology Raheela Baloch was also present on the occasion.

Other members included Senator Adnan Khan,Senator Karim Ahmad,Senator Zaheer-ud-Din Babar,Senator Mrs.Almas Parveen,Senator Mrs.Naseema Ehsan and Senator Mustafa Kamal were present.

Members of the committee also visited National Physical and Standard Laboratory( NPSL).

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