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Scientist invents machine for energy generation

Business Recorder DECEMBER 31, 2011

A local scientist, Arbab Abdul Wakil, has invented machine for generation from untraditional mean through animals. Talking to Business Recorder, he said that in Pakistan beside, the main source of hydel energy, the other sources are oil, gas including nuclear energy and the whole country’s power generation depends on these sources.

But, there are also other alternate sources of energy available such as solar, wind and coal energy, but we have so far not been able to get full benefit from these sources.

The technologies of power generation from wind, solar and coal are expensive and due to the weak financial position these technologies have not been properly adopted. Along with alternate sources of solar, wind and coal energies, there is a great need of research and investigation to look for other alternate sources of energy, which is not expensive and may be easily utilised. 

In Pakistan at least 75 percent of the people live in rural areas, where majority of the people are engaged in farming and for this purpose they keep animals like bulls, buffalos, cows, donkeys, horses and camels, which are mainly used in farming and for the transportation of crops, milk and meat products. 

In far remote rural areas, bulls are used for ploughing, pulling bullock carts for transportation and for extraction of oil and sugarcane juice. Similarly, he said that horses and mares are used in tangas and Raries and donkeys in ghanda ghari, therefore, if it is properly studied and observed, these pet animals which are used in rural areas by farmers and other people are another source of alternate energy, which is present is this world since ages. 

Before the modern inventions of buses, trucks and tractors, animals’ use in urban areas they do the similar work in one way or the other, therefore, these animals are the treasures of energy which are available in abundance in rural areas; power generation is required everywhere in this world and for power generation it is necessary. 

Pet animals in the rural areas may be the other alternate source of energy in limited quantity for power generation. For crop production constant availability of water is necessary for irrigation purpose. Due to unfavourable climatic condition and shortage of water for irrigation constant irrigation throughout the year is not possible in some part of the country, if the climatic condition is favourable, and there is appropriate raining, then the crops condition is according to expectation and requirements. 

But the climatic condition is not so favourable for the last few years therefore the crops production is decreasing. In the canals irrigated areas, farmers get water for irrigation in time, but in barani and disserted areas the farmers depend on rains which is no longer on appropriate time. Due to shortage of rains in barani and even in canals irrigated areas the water level in the ground has gone deeper, therefore, the supply of water from deeper level. Wells are no longer possible with traditional Arhet system. Therefore, the supply of water from deeper well is only possible with the help of electric pumps.

In rural areas of Pakistan the majority of farmers are small land holders who have little availability of water for irrigation, but almost all the farmers with small or large land holding keeps animals for daily farming works.

There is no extra expenditure for keeping animals in rural areas, as most of these animals get their food requirement by grazing in fields and plains and are a free source of energy for power generation. 

By using pet animals’ energy for power generation, not only required quantity of water for irrigation purpose will be available, but the power generation thus produced may be sufficient for limited use in rural areas for operating small power electricity machines, household and other equipment at the lowest cheaper rates. The machine which has three to five kilowatts capacity may be sufficient for limited use in rural areas for operating small power electricity machines and equipment. 

1: With the help of pet animals driven device the rural areas farmers may have power generation almost free of cost.

2: In barani and desert areas where the water level is at the deepest level this machine may be operated for power generation with the help of donkey, horses, and camels.

The required amount of water for drinking and irrigation purpose may be obtained form 300 to 400 feet deeper in the ground level. 

3: If the water storage is situated at higher level and the sources of water is at the lower level, this machine may be able to supply water to storage tank from where it may be distributed to different houses through metal pipes.

4: With the help of machine small saw machine, flour grinding machine, drill and welding machine may easily be operated.

As a whole a small factory at all the rural areas may be functioned, but only one or two machines may be operated at one time. Similarly other electric equipment of household with small power may also be operated.

5: In hilly areas and even in plain areas if the agriculture land is situated at higher level than the water sources, the water supply for irrigation will be cheaper with no extra cost.

The irrigation of newly forest plants with this system is easier and fruitful.

 6: For charging UPS, electricity is essential.

In these rural areas where there is storage of electricity or no electricity, the charging UPS may be carried out easily for further power generation in houses of rural areas for three to four hours.

7: In fabricating this machine locally made parts are used which are easily available in the local market.

The machine parts are simple and strong and need little repair. The repair works if there is any may be carried by local technicians.

 8: The price of the machine is affordable for rural farmers.

The machine is portable and may be carried out anywhere with the help of local animal transport.

9: Beside the irrigation work, the machine may be used for constant supply of power generation to the household or operating of small factory.

One animal at one time may operate the machine for one to two and a half hours with intervals.

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