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Rs39 bn for nuclear energy projects

The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) has been earmarked Rs39 billion with its main chunk of Rs34.5 billion going to the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant (C3 & C4) in the new federal budget.

Of the total allocation, an amount of Rs27.4 billion has been listed as foreign aid (coming from China) while Rs11.71 will be the local component.Budget documents showed an amount of Rs16.7 billion as throw forward as on July 1, 2012. Up to June 2012, an amount of Rs69.8 billion has been spent.

The allotment of phenomenal funds has been listed in the annual Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). With the present allocation, the PAEC has sponsored 26 projects, the Chashma nuclear power plants being the giant ones.

Other projects include chemical processing plant, MPB-2 Shanawa uranium mining project, fuel fabrication plant, seamless tube plant, MPS-3 Taussa-2 uranium mining project, upgradation and extension of Pinstech laboratory (phase-II), acquisition and development of land and construction of office building and accommodation of NP supplier Kanupp united-2 (K-2) project, nuclear power fuel testing project (NPF-TP), new minerals survey scheme (phase-vi) Lahore, joint pre-project feasibility and design study of a 1,000MW nuclear power plant for Karachi, detailed exploration of uranium (phase-VII) Dera Ghazi Khan and Benazirabad institute of nuclear medicine & radiotherapy.

The remaining projects are establishment of Nuclear Institute of Lasers and Optronics, Bannu Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, Swat Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, Dera Ismail Khan Institute of Nuclear Medicine, upgradation of Chascent, Kundian, detailed exploration of uranium resources in Bannu Basin and Kohat Plateau, upgradation of Kinpoe infrastructure, Karachi, development of project team for site development and installation of 300MW and 1,000MW nuclear power plants in Karachi, Gujranwala Institute of Radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, survey and feasibility studies of six additional nuclear power plants sites, Centre for Earthquake Studies, Global Change Impact Studies Centre IIASA Pakistan Collaboration, Islamabad and establishment of Projects Monitoring and Evaluation Cell.

The PAC was also earmarked Rs5.3 billion as against last year’s Rs4.4 billion for research and development of general public services.Of this allocation, an amount of Rs5 billion was allotted to the PAEC and Rs319 million to the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA).

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