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President inaugurated the country’s first ever 50MW Wind Power Project

President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said that people’s problems are addressed in a democratic government, and with the support of the masses the country has to be made strong.

The president inaugurated the country’s first ever 50MW wind power project here on Monday and termed it an important milestone and landmark achievement in the country’s efforts towards finding environmental-friendly, indigenous and low-cost energy solutions.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion, the president said that with the commencement of the first ever wind power project, Pakistan has entered into a new era.

He termed the commencement as the first concrete step towards tapping the country’s vast renewable energy resources.

He congratulated the FFC Energy Ltd, Ministry of Water and Power, the Sindh governor, chief minister, Alternate Energy Development Board, federal and provincial agencies and all others who were associated with the setting up of the power project.

The president remarked that the Thatta region was bestowed with immense potential of wind energy. He said once Thatta was a hub of civilisation, a seat of learning and a centre of arts and crafts; however, it remained in oblivion for centuries, adding that now Thatta will soon become the wind power centre of Pakistan.

The president said that commencement of commercial operation of FFC Wind Farm was the beginning of exploiting the wind potential of Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor.

This is an area that has power generation potential of 50,000 MW, he added.

The president said that it was a matter of great satisfaction to learn that many more wind power projects were in pipeline and would commence commercial operations soon.

He said Pakistan was an energy deficient country and continued population and economic growth has placed great demands on energy.

He said reversal of previous energy policies, depleting oil and gas reserves and price hike has made the country vulnerable. “We cannot afford inaction as it was not an option,” he said.

He said: “We need to have similar successful projects in producing energy from waste, small hydro and sugar co-generation.”

He said that promotion of alternate modes of energy generation would not only reduce country’s dependence on costly fuel import but would also address many environmental issues caused by burning of fuel.

He also expressed satisfaction that Fauji Fertiliser would be adding 10 MW Solar project to this 50 MW Wind project.

The president expressed satisfaction that the government has proceeded in the right direction and with a strong will to succeed.

On this occasion, the president also recounted various measures undertaken by the government in the energy sector, which included addressing policy and technical issues, initiating supportive measures, developing infrastructure, offering lucrative incentives, collecting bankable data and creating enabling environment and investor confidence.

He said the government also took measures seeking support of international financial institutions and attracting top manufacturers of the world through a cooperative approach.

While, acknowledging the role of all the partners in efforts to overcome energy shortage, the president said, the government provided a level playing field to all investors, both local as well as foreigners.

He called upon the private entrepreneurs to take great advantage of the incentives being offered by the government.

Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said the president also advised the Sindh government to set up an industrial zone in the area so that the business community could take advantage of uninterrupted and continued availability of power.

He said that the government would continue to facilitate the business community through one-window facility as to help them take maximum advantage of the available business opportunities.

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