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on-line grid solar system introduced by Pakistan Engineering Council

PEC introduces New on-line grid solar system
Pakistan Engineering Council has introduced first ever on-line grid solar system to overcome power shortage in the country. The new smart grid solar technology is based on Feed in Tariff (FIT) system to attract the people to make investment in energising their own houses and buildings.

Through this robust technology, the power companies will be able to purchase surplus power to be produced by small installed solar units by the individuals, said Engineer Senator Rukhsana Zuberi, Chairperson of Pakistan Engineering Council in a press conference here on Saturday.

To start with, Rukhsana Zuberi said two solar electricity generation systems of 180 KW each will be installed at PEC building and Planning Commission for which Japan has extended financial support. Tokyo has extended a grant of 480 million Yen to Pakistan under Clean Earth programme. The six storied building of the PEC will be converted on solar energy by 2012. The new system is a way forward to completely overcome energy shortage as the solar system to be installed by the people in their places will be connected with the grid system to pass on surplus power to the main power system, she said.

She said through hectic negotiations, IESCO has agreed to buy excess electricity. This breakthrough project can generate plenty of job opportunities to dwelling units.

The surplus energy will be used by power-starved industries in the country, she said. The basic incentive in the new system is FIT which has been recognized by the Government of Pakistan. FIT is to be announced by NEPRA and IESCO working closely with PEC. FIT system has produced wonderful results in other countries including Germany where this system is being adopted by the people, she said adding it is a good investment opportunity for the people in Pakistan with good return in shape of solid profit.

PEC is determined to popularise this new solar system throughout the country as this is the best way forward for producing energy at cheaper rates in the long run.

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