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OICCI proposes creation of dedicated Ministry of Energy

The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) has proposed creation of a dedicated Ministry of Energy tasked with facilitating investment in the energy efficiency measures and maintaining Pakistan’s security of energy supply.

“The ministry could assist in the development of a sound national energy conservation and energy efficiency policy infrastructure.

This will include the regulatory framework, building codes and educational programmes,” suggests the roadmap for energy efficiency and conservation in Pakistan prepared by the Overseas Chamber.

The chamber highlighting the key issues regarding energy needs and said that the country is currently faced with inefficient energy utilisation, indiscriminate use of subsidies, the lack of public awareness, ineffective or unenforced legislation, poor governance and underdeveloped infrastructure.

“In order to provide necessary strategic and operational impetus, the government should consider making energy efficiency and conservation key themes in the Integrated Energy Plan 2010/25 and the 10th Five Year Plan,” the OICCI roadmap said.

According to the paper, a developing nation such as Pakistan would find it more cost effective to increase its energy supply through efficiency and conservation efforts as compared to building new generation capacity.

There are other benefits, as well, for example improved building insulation can make people healthier, reduce heating costs and reduction in energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and ease in energy supply constraints during winter, it said.

“A nation does not become energy inefficient overnight; it is a slow process that is influenced by a multitude of social, political, financial and economic considerations. While a large number of barriers have to be overcome in the drive towards energy efficiency, it is quite possible to make meaningful gains in a relatively short time.

Provided that there is complete alliance between all the stakeholders, it is estimated that by 2015 there could be energy savings of almost 20 percent in Pakistan’s overall energy consumption,” the report revealed.

The OICCI has urged the government to play a leading role in setting up accurate pricing policies, devise and enforce minimum energy performance standards, incentivise investment in the energy efficiency measures and increase the overall public education and awareness on the importance of energy efficiency and conservation.

The OICCI recommended for the National Energy Conservation Centre (Enercon) to develop partnerships with all power generation and transmission utilities, regulatory authorities and private power producers to ensure that a coherent and consistent message was delivered.

The chamber has offered to play an important role in helping fund and being a technology partner to Enercon by encouraging its members to run media campaigns supportive of and aligned with this initiative.

In the long-term, the chamber would assist the government in developing a policy infrastructure that would allow Enercon to build a public-private partnership with all the stakeholders, including the general public to make energy efficiency and conservation a part of every Pakistani’s conscience and consciousness.

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