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Norwegian delegation discusses tidal-based electricity production

Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh met with a Norwegian delegation, led by CEO of Tide Tec Arne Kollandsrud, here on Monday to discuss different matters in regards to the introduction of wave/tidal based electricity production in Pakistan.

In a detailed presentation, Consultant Tide Tec Lunderby briefed the participants of the meeting about the phenomenon, challenges and procedural steps for installation of wave/ tidal based power plant.

He informed the minister that tidal/wave energy is a form of renewable energy in which power of waves produced in a channel or ocean is used to run the turbines turning on electric generators to produce electricity.

The company Tide Tec is specialised in developing technology for energy producing bridges by harnessing potential of tidal and wave energy, he said.

He also said that tidal energy is environment friendly and more predictable as compared to wind energy. The cost for establishing wave energy infrastructure is approximately equal to that of a wind based power plant, he said.

The company will follow the steps of technology verification, pre study, scale test and full scale production respectively for the establishment of the wave/tidal based energy production in Pakistan, informed the delegation.

Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh acknowledged and appreciated the idea of tidal based energy generation in the wake of the current energy shortage and soaring fuel prices in the country.

He informed the delegation that the energy wing of Planning Commission mainly deals with such types of projects and the deputy chairman of the Planning Commission and his team will coordinate with the delegation to move ahead in this regard.

He also assured the delegation that the finance division will provide full support to them on all forums. Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, federal finance minister said that there is huge potential of foreign investment in the energy generation and telecom sectors and the international companies would be provided all possible help to invest in Pakistan.

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