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No bill means no electricity: Sethi

Federal Secretary for Water and Power Nargis Sethi has made it clear that electricity would not be supplied to those who did not pay their bills.

She stated this while talking to heads of distribution companies in a video-conference at the Ministry of Water and Power here on Monday.She said that six-hour-long loadshedding was not acceptable and the submission of wrong statistics by the heads of power distribution companies (Discos) would not be tolerated.

The secretary said, “Forget the six-hour loadshedding and there would no extreme loadshedding in summers.” She said that so much loadshedding showed poor performance and incompetence of the company concerned. The secretary said that the government had overcome loadshedding to a great extent through solid steps adding that loadshedding in urban and rural areas would be equalised and additional electricity would be supplied to industries. She said the people should pay bills and should also show national responsibility by identifying consumers who did not pay their bills.

She said if such consumers paid full dues, electricity supply without an interruption could be ensured. She said that none would be provided free electricity and the power supply to those not paying the bills would be disconnected.

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