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NanoMarkets Upcoming Reports on Organic (OPV) and Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) Markets

Glen Allen, VA: Industry Analyst firm NanoMarkets has added two new reports to the firms schedule titled “Opportunities in the Organic Photovoltaics Market – 2012” and “BIPV Encapsulation Markets – 2012.”

The reports will be available in May of 2012 and continue the firm’s coverage of the increasingly challenging PV market. Details of the reports are available at www.nanomarkets.net.

The reports follow recent releases on dye sensitized cell (DSC) photovoltaics and BIPV glass markets.

Opportunities in the Organic Photovoltaics Market – 2012

The OPV market continues to struggle to get off the ground. The last year has produced a few bright spots – some new investments, some modest performance enhancements, additional demonstration and/or niche product launches, etc. – but the industry still needs a big breakthrough, or at least a clear path toward a large-area, large-scale application that can take OPV to the next level commercially.

Unfortunately, the value propositions that have been claimed for OPV in the past continue to get harder and harder to make: costs are still very high, flexible encapsulation is still a problem, and a big market pull for portable, small-scale charging has not materialized. Meanwhile, development and commercialization of DSC photovoltaics has outpaced that of OPV, and now it looks as though time for OPV may be running out.

In this report NanoMarkets looks at the changing prospects for commercialization of OPV in off-grid applications like solar chargers, as well as emerging – and larger-scale – opportunities for OPV in the BIPV market, particularly in BIPV glass and flexible BIPV applications. We also pay particular attention to the activities of the key OPV firms, and we examine the shifting market prospects brought on by technical achievements, commercialization efforts, demand patterns, and competition from other technologies. Based on these analyses, we have also updated our eight-year forecasts for both OPV materials and modules.

BIPV Encapsulation Markets – 2012

As the solar industry turns towards BIPV there will be a growing opportunity for the encapsulation business. Flexibility is often required in BIPV and this means that manufacturers of BIPV often have an immediate need for an effective flexible PV encapsulation system. In addition, as monolithic integration becomes more common, specialist encapsulation systems are required to protect the relatively delicate CIGS, OPV and DSC absorber materials that are commonly used in such products.

This report identifies and quantifies the emerging market for encapsulation systems and materials in the BIPV market. It investigates both how the leading suppliers of encapsulation products are viewing BIPV as a market for their products and the current and future demand for encapsulation from the BIPV industry itself. This NanoMarkets report includes a granular eight-year forecast of the BIPV encapsulation markets and assessments of the leading product/market strategies being adopted in this business.

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