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Mukhtar promises minimal suspension of power during Ramazan

Water and Power Minister Ch Ahmed Mukhtar has said no deadline can be given regarding loadshedding but the government would reduce it during Ramazan.

Talking to the media at Lahore airport, Mukhtar said the government would receive the arrears due on government and private bodies. He said first target is to overcome the shortfall of power and afterwards the government would also think of reducing its price. He said tariff had been reduced and its effect would emerge after 45 days. To a question, he said he held Shahbaz Sharif in great esteem and can also bring him from his tent office.

APP adds: Mukhtar said Saturday power generation is being switched over from thermal to coal with the cooperation of China due to which the capacity of power generation companies (Genco’s) would improve.

He claimed that loadshedding had been reduced and would be further reduced gradually. To a question, he said it is right of the department to ensure recovery of revenue from provinces, but the major problem is recovery from private parties and not a single penny would be written off to the private parties. “An amount of Rs 166 billion is overdue from the private parties,” he added.

About rights of electricity generation by the provinces, he said the provinces demanded sovereign guarantee from the State Bank and the issue had been discussed in the cabinet and Committee of Common Interest (CCI) meeting, adding the misunderstandings of the provinces regarding this issue would soon be removed. He said issue of power theft of about Rs 300 billion should be resolved.

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