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Most old Solon warranties will be transferred to new Solon Energy

Most of the warranties for solar photovoltaic (PV) modules from the insolvent Solon SE will be transferred to the recently established Solon Energy GmbH.

Owners of roof-mounted solar PV systems from Solon are requested to register online by the end of August 2012 to receive confirmation from Solon Energy that outstanding warranty obligations will be continued free of charge.

“By transferring warranties, we are sending a clear signal that long-term customer relationships have a high priority for us,” says Stefan Säuberlich, CEO of Solon Energy GmbH.

Certain solar PV module types like GSE thin-film and OEM modules are excluded from the provision.

Provisions can be arranged individually for customers with ground-mounted solar PV systems.

All original warranty commitments will remain in effect for customers who purchased their modules and systems from the subsidiaries Solon Corp. (USA) and Solon S.p.A. (Italy).

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