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Mechatron presents next generation solar tracking system at Energy Photovoltaic

The new ‘D170 evolution’ dual axis system, presented at the Athens trade fair from November 1st, achieves higher energy yields with minimum maintenance through its innovative beetle exoskeleton design.

Athens, October 17, 2012 – Mechatron, a leading manufacturer of solar trackers, presents the new model within its “beetle” product series at Energy Photovoltaic 2012 in Athens. The dual axis system ‘D170 evolution’, which follows the sun azimuthally (around its vertical axis) and elevationally (around its horizontal axis), makes investments in photovoltaic plants profitable even without subsidies. Through its extremely reliable structure design and the supremacy of the hydraulic mechanism combined with the accuracy of the astronomical algorithm, the D170 evolution elevates the energy yield by up to 40 percent and can thereby contribute to reaching grid parity in a post-feed-in-tariff era.

The new model ‘D170 evolution’ is the dual axis continuation of the ‘S140 evolution’ single axis solar tracking system, presented by Mechatron at Intersolar 2012. The structure´s design is inspired by the beetle´s exoskeleton which served as a bionic model in terms of stiffness and strength. Through the beetle design, the ‘D170 evolution’ system presents a superior strength to weight ratio than other solar trackers. The structure is a unique combination of an elliptical tube design, similar to the wing of a wind turbine, and a simple lattice structure that holds the panels. The new elliptical tube provides significantly superior stiffness and strength at optimum usage of the tracker´s weight. The lattice structure, that supports the PV panels, transfers safely the structural loads. It also provides higher structural rigidity for better panel alignment and higher strength for structural survivability.

The patented zero-backlash drive mechanism allows for smooth movement and operation. The hydraulic mechanism also incorporates intelligent safety features that protect the system against extreme weather conditions. Through automatic horizontal frame levelling, the panels are secured from damage – even during power cuts.

The beetle exoskeleton design makes the installation of the ‘D170 evolution’ solar tracker quick and easy, without the need of experts in the field. Mechatron possesses a highly qualified R&D department and a corporate culture striving for constant innovation. In the case of the ‘D170 evolution’ model, the focus of the company´s engineers was a further extension of the lifecycle as well as quicker and easier installation and maintenance. Another factor taken into account during the design of the structure has been the optimisation of logistics. The total number of parts has been reduced and more standardised elements have been introduced. Additionally, their shape has been optimised in order to allow the delivery of a higher number of components within one load and thereby reduce transport costs.

The innovative design and superior construction is based on Mechatron’s accumulated design knowledge, field experience and validated through extensive testing. The ‘D170 evolution’ system is internationally certified as all Mechatron solar trackers.

To learn more about the company and its innovative solar tracking systems, please visit Mechatron at Energy Photovoltaic 2012 in Athens from November 1 to 4 in Hall 3 Stand 3A4-3B5.

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