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Lack of planning major cause of power loadshedding in country

Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Naeem Anwar Qureshi has said that why the government is producing expensive electricity when Pakistan has all the resources including wind, water, coal and sunlight for producing low cost electricity.

He said this while commenting on the statement of Federal Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh that the government was providing subsidy on high cost electricity. In a statement, the SCCI president said that in fact vicious circular debt was responsible for less generation of electricity otherwise Pakistan had the potential to produce surplus power at cheaper rates.

He said that according to calculation, Pakistan had a potential of producing 50,000MW power from wind, 40,000MW from hydel power, 2.5 millionMW from solar power and unlimited power from coal reserves.

He said that unprecedented increase in the power prices had created problems for the poor people.

He said that the government promises every year to eliminate electricity loadshedding and funds were also allocated for the purpose however, due to lack of proper planning for u

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