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KESC’s 700MW to be diverted to Punjab

Water and Power Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar Monday said the government had decided to temporarily suspend the supply of 700MW electricity to the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) and divert it to Punjab to overcome the power crisis there.

Talking to a selected group of journalists, he said in return for 700MW of electricity, the KESC would be provided additional gas to generate the same amount of electricity. To a question, he said there was no shortage of fuel in the country, but non-availability of railways freight wagons and oil tankers was the main cause of the slow supply of furnace oil to powerhouses. He said he hoped that sustained supply to thermal power plants would be restored soon.

“The country will start generating 13,500MW of electricity from today (Tuesday) that will help reduce the power crisis and end unscheduled loadshedding. The scheduled loadshedding will also be reduced to a tolerable level,” Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar added.

When asked why suspended Pepco MD Rasool Khan Mehsud was working on his post, the minister said Mehsud would not be there today or tomorrow, otherwise he would himself resign.About the power supply plan in Ramazan, he said his ministry had started taking measures to ensure maximum relief in terms of provision of electricity supply. He said Lahore was facing nine hours of loadshedding, Islamabad seven hours, Gujranwala 11 hours, Multan eight hours, Faisalabad four to 12 hours and Hyderabad eight hours. He said the power crisis had increased manifold mainly because of bad governance, adding that power plants had now started receiving gas for power generation.

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