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KESC signs energy cost-sharing deal with charity hospital

Under its Social Investment Program (SIP) launched on Thursday, the Karachi Electricity Supply Company (KESC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Indus Hospital to bear 50 per cent of the hospital’s cost of electricity per month.

The services provided by the hospital include hi-tech coronary angioplasties, life saving cardiac bypass surgeries, cutting-edge laser interventions or restorative orthopedic procedures. It serves around 550,000 patients annually free of charge.

The MoU is signed between KESC CEO Tabish Gauhar and Indus Hospital CEO Dr Abdul Bari Khan.

Gauhar said, “The power utility has always considered itself an integral part of life in Karachi. We have always tried to go beyond our core function and act as a responsible corporate citizen. We are driven by our philosophy to create sustainable social value for the less fortunate segments of our society”.

The SIP for such charitable institutions is just another humble effort to contribute towards the betterment of public life. “By supporting and enabling active social welfare institution we are creating value driven partnerships aimed at social sustainability of underprivileged communities,” he maintained.

Dr Khan said in his remarks: “This step taken by the KESC allows us to save money spent on utilities and spend on the poor and needy patients. It has a direct impact on our ability to deliver quality health care. As we expand our hospital infrastructure and move towards a university model in the coming years, we hope to develop a long term relationship with the power utility. The hospital staff thanks the KESC leadership for such an empowering initiative”.

Under the KESC’s program, the power utility would be extending similar relief to various healthcare and educational institutions serving the poor on purely humanitarian grounds.

The KESC would pay electricity bills of these welfare entities in part or in full, thereby subsidising their energy cost.

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