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KESC converts Mazar-e-Quaid’s lighting into energy efficient LEDs

The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) on Thursday said that it had successfully converted the interior conventional lights of Mazar Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah to the latest LED-based lighting technology, as a contribution to the national heritage.

KESC’s CEO Tabish Gauhar inaugurated the LED lights at the Mazar on Thursday, while Asif Hussain Siddiqui, Director Energy Conservation Department of KESC; Mohammad Arif, Resident Engineer, Mazar Management Board; Mian Perwez Akhtar, CEO, New Allied Electronics distributor of LG lighting; were present at the inauguration ceremony.

Marking the occasion, the CEO KESC penned down his views in the Guest Book of the Mazar-i-Quaid: “It was indeed a humbling experience for me to visit the mazar of Quaid-e-Azam, my personal hero and role model. Our small contribution in the form of LED’s installation inside the mazar is a testament to the deep respect that we have for our great leader. We will continue with our efforts to make Karachi, the city of Quaid, the “City Of Lights” again. Insha Allah.

The KESC has replaced 256, old/conventional lights inside the tomb and museum with the latest, green-technology based LED lamps. The lighting effect after this transition to the LED’s has magnified the grandeur of the national heritage by complimenting the beauty of the mausoleum and bringing out its previously understated effect.

In the first phase, the conventional lamps of the Mazar’s ground floor chandelier, basement chandelier and the museum illumination have been converted to the LED’s.

The 8.32kW power consumption load of the conventional lighting has now commendably been reduced to 1.78 kW only, achieving a substantial saving of 79 per cent.

The financial impact of the savings from the reduction in power consumption will be more than Rs0.4 million / annum in terms lower Energy Bills.

More importantly to note is the fact that LED technology based lights have a far greater useful life, emit no radiation, and are based on the green energy concept with zero carbon foot print curbing the adverse affects of global warming and preserving the environment.

Furthermore in the second phase which is in progress with KESC’s technical support and the partnership Quaid-i-Azam Mazar Management Board, the entire exterior lighting scheme of the mausoleum will be transformed into Energy Efficient LED new technology.

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