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Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and Gehrlicher Solar America Announce Joint-Development of Solar Systems in the Southwest

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and Gehrlicher Solar America Corp. announced a strategic joint-development agreement focused on providing solar energy to water and wastewater treatment facilities in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Since 1919, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants has specialized in the planning, evaluation and design of water and wastewater treatment facilities. With a significant client network in the western US, including 250 facilities in California, Kennedy/Jenks is uniquely positioned to introduce renewable energy solutions to this energy intensive industry.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer such an important energy solution to our clients,” said Lynn Takaichi, Chairman of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants. “In the current environment of cost cutting and focus on sustainability, solar is an attractive solution for water and wastewater treatment facilities, and Gehrlicher is a proven leader in the development, design and construction of photovoltaic (PV) systems.”

Stefan Parhofer, CEO of Gehrlicher Solar America Corp. commented, “This is a very important opportunity to bring solar to a critical market segment in the Southwest. This partnership enables our vision of PV Systems in the Southwest providing customers with electricity under the cost of conventional electricity over the system’s lifetime. We look forward to working with Kennedy/Jenks and their customers to provide this important energy solution.” Gehrlicher sees a potential of 10 to 15 MW in solar capacity per year installed in this market segment.

Gehrlicher, along with its advisor CleanFin, LLC, will also facilitate the financing of this pipeline of solar projects in order to provide the greatest cost-efficiency of energy for water and wastewater treatment providers.

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