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KCCI seeks Spanish investment in renewable energy

Haroon Agar, president of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), urged the Ambassador of Spain Javier M. Carbajosa Sanchez to invite Spanish investors to invest in renewable energy, according to a statement.

Spain is one of the world’s leading countries in the production of renewable energy and Pakistan, being an energy-hungry country, needs energy on a war-footing.

Agar said that Spain being the world leader in solar power has enormous potential to invest in alternate and renewable energy solutions and help Pakistan in technology transfer. Spain is also Europe’s main producer of wind energy.

Spanish companies can exploit the potential and opportunity to produce energy from wind at Gharo-ketibunder wind corridor in Sindh. He said that Pakistani textiles, fashion and leather garments, sports goods, fruits have a huge potential to be exported to Spain.

“The present trade volume, which is less than $1 billion, is far below than potential and serious efforts are needed to enhance Pakistan-Spain bilateral trade,” he said.

Sanchez endorsed that the prospects to enhance Pak-Spain trade do exist. “Political relations between the two countries are good, however, trade relations need to be enhanced,” he said. “The media portrays an unfair picture and the perception of Pakistan is different from reality.”

Trade relations between Spain and Pakistan have maintained an upward trend in the last decade.

Spanish exports have doubled in the last ten years, reaching 134 million euros in 2011, showing

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