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Green Energy Campaign: Fan-fitted solar cap introduced in city

With the objective of creating awareness among the masses about renewable energy sources which in turn would organise them for a movement aimed at reliance on alternative energy sources at a national level, FACES Pakistan, a non-profit organisation, introduced solar caps in the city on Saturday.

The newly introduced solar cap has a fan fitted at the top, which works on solar energy. A solar cell is fitted on the front that converts solar energy into electric power, which turns on the fan whenever the cap is exposed to sunlight. The fan’s speed changes automatically, depending on availability of sunlight.

The team of FACES Pakistan introduced these solar caps as part of its Green Energy Campaign, under which members of the organisation took to the road, distributing solar caps among the public and briefing them about its concept.

The caps would help protect the wearer from scorching heat, sunburn and excess exposure to sunlight, said Ali Imran Raja, project in-charge of the campaign. Also, these caps symbolise the significance of solar energy, which can be utilised to create an environment-friendly and peaceful atmosphere, he added.

FACES Pakistan President Javaid William said that the organisation had taken the initiative of launching a Green Energy Campaign, keeping in view the current energy crisis in Pakistan. “The aim of the campaign is to create awareness and build a mass movement of people to demand strong action from the authorities to develop renewable energy sources and other conservation measures in Pakistan so as to reduce our reliance on furnace oil,” he said.

“This would not only help in tackling climate changes, protecting the environment and reducing vulnerability to energy shocks, but would also help lift us out of the current recession by creating tens of thousands of jobs by aiding development of new ‘green-tech’ industries,” William added.

FACES Pakistan intends to carry on the Green Energy campaign, which also includes a tree plantation activity on a monthly basis in different areas. “Our aim through the campaign is to plant a large number of trees at different places, including schools, colleges and universities, so that we can highlight the importance of trees and vegetation amongst the youth,” said Elaine Alam, National Coordinator Programmes at FACES Pakistan.

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