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Govt to pay Rs8bn to eight IPPs by Sep 30

The government would pay Rs 8 billion to the eight independent power producers (IPPS) by September 30 while the remaining Rs21 billion would be paid after the finance and power secretaries’ meeting with the IPPs and the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) submitted before the Supreme Court through its council.

The Court said this during the hearing of the petition by IPPs over non payment of outstanding amount of Rs 45 billion on Wednesday.

The council of IPPs informed the Supreme Court that NTDC was not following the apex court’s orders regarding the clearing of the current billings along with arrears of the IPPs.

The IPPs council told this to the bench of the apex court comprising Justice Tariq Pervez and Justice Hani headed by Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk.

The court was informed that NTDC did not pay the installment of Rs 8 billion as directed by the court. Besides, part of current billing was also outstanding despite clear orders from the court that current billings of the IPPs should not be withheld.

“To date, the government has paid the IPPs only Rs 17 billion out of Rs 32 billion with regards to current billings,” the IPPs council said.

The council for NTDC said that current billings were being paid fully. The court directed the NTDC to provide the court with all the details regarding the payment on current billing by the first week of October.

The council of eight IPPs that filed the petition include Liberty Tech, Orient Power, Atlas Power, Nishat Power, Nishat Chunian, Saif Power, Halmore Power, and Sapphire Electric for the payment of the outstanding dues.

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