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Genco to invest Rs59 billion

The Central Power Generation Company Limited (CPGCL) has communicated to the regulator that it would install 747MW gas turbine combined cycle power plant at a cost of Rs59.775 billion, according to a statement on Monday.

The additional power plant would comprise two gas turbines of 261MW each and two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine unit of 225MW.

CPGCL has an installed capacity of 1,665MW and a net capacity of 1,419.82MW. Out of various units comprising its generation facilities, Unit 1-2 operated on gas were commissioned in 1974 and have been in operation for more than 32 years, it said.

Their design efficiency of 110MW each has reduced to 75MW each along with an increase in their heat rates leading to an increased consumption of a precious resource, ie, natural gas.

Similarly, steam unit 3-4 running fuel oil with a de-rated capacity of 140MW each against a design efficiency of 210MW, needed efficient operations, according to the statement.

The generation company has, therefore, decided to replace these units with 747MW gas turbine combined cycle power plant.

The proposed plant will operate on gas by diverting the gas quota of existing steam units, it said, adding that with the induction of the proposed units, the cumulative installed capacity of CPGCL would be 2,402MW.

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