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Fronius inverters generate maximum yields even under the toughest conditions

Premium quality has been at the very heart of the Austrian company Fronius for 65 years. The Solar Electronics division, which was established twenty years ago, submits its products to strict testing and inspection procedures to ensure that our inverters never fail to meet the most demanding of requirements. Photovoltaic systems installed in coastal regions are exposed to particularly harsh conditions. A team of Fronius experts thoroughly tests each device to ensure that they can overcome these tribulations and still generate maximum yields even under such challenging scenarios.

During the salt spray test, the prevailing environmental conditions common to coastal regions are recreated by filling a testing chamber with corrosive air (vapour). “The PC boards are subjected to vapour with an extremely high salt content. We use the results to continuously optimise our products and improve the standard of quality,” explains head of division Martin Hackl.

The effect of corrosion, operational reliability and duty cycle are some of the indicators that are checked as part of the Fronius endurance tests. This allows design improvements to be effected, or elements such as additional insulating layers to be factored in, which maintain quality improvements over the long term.

“The Fronius endurance tests give us a significant advantage over Chinese products. The combination of high-quality parts, excellent workmanship, the data gained from our endurance tests, and our experience together our constant drive to keep on improving our products is what makes us the quality leader,” states Martin Hackl.

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