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Energy crisis

Pakistan has been facing an energy crisis since 2007. The main reason for the current crisis is that in the past no efforts were made to ensure increase in power generation capacity along with increase in population growth. An energy crisis is any great shortfall in the supply of energy resources to an economy. Electricity is the basic need of human life. It has great importance as it is directly related to every country’s economy.

Pakistan’s energy requirements are increasing day by day and not only economic growth but political stability is linked with the availability of energy resources. Wapda and KESC purchase expensive oil and transfer the cost to consumer. When the price of electricity is raised, the whole economy gets disturbed as a result of inflation and increase in the price of items of everyday use.

The major reason which has led to the energy crisis is the wrong policies of the government. Corruption is another major reason. The government should have developed electricity through alternative resources of energy like nuclear energy, natural gas exploration, natural gas import, solar energy, coal and wind energy.

Energy crisis has destroyed at least 50 percent of the industrial sector that has led to increase in the rate of unemployment. It has badly affected the fixed income group because costs of goods and services have increased.

The current shortage of electricity of Pakistan clearly implies failure on the part of the government to tackle it. The government should use electricity through coal, wind and water. Hydroelectricity is the cheapest source of electricity.

SARA, Karachi

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