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Energy conference

The government is going to hold a high-level energy conference in Lahore. I hope it comes up with some realistic recommendations, not just abstract wishes like the wishful resolutions of our National Assembly. We spend about $15 billon on import of petroleum and this need is increasing by 8 percent every year. We have the resources to produce electricity locally without importing fuel. The developed countries are promoting the use of wind, sunlight and other alternative renewable sources of energy to produce electricity. But their initial and maintenance costs are prohibitive for a poor country like ours.

We have coal reservoirs but since coal is the cheapest means of production and obviates the need to import excessive quantities of petrol, it is vehemently opposed by international petroleum companies because they stand to lose billions in profits. So if we look carefully, we shall know that our energy problem is actually aggravated by our need to please the international authorities. Let us burn our coal in its raw form as is done in the steam locomotive engine and not heed the threatening international voices crying pollution to stop us from taking that step. Most of the rich developed countries are doing the same themselves: burning raw coal for electricity.

Ahmad Junaid


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