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Efforts to complete energy projects discussed

Federal Secretary Water and Power, Nargis Sethi, said the government planned to complete mega hydel power projects on a priority basis in order to provide low-cost electricity for all consumer categories – including industrial and commercial. She told representatives of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) and the Steel Melters’ Association at Wapda House that the government was focused on this goal. “The government is striving to complete Diamir Bhasha and Dassu dams, which will help check power outages and boost the economy,” said Sethi. Moreover, the Ministry of Water & Power was working tirelessly to maintain high standards of governance, fight corruption, remove line losses and improve efficiency at every level in the ministry, she said. “I am hopeful that, with improvement in governance and the work environment, the country can get rid of power outages altogether,” said Sethi. She was pleased to mention that power outages had declined in the past three weeks. “The government is aware of the problems of the industrial and commercial sectors. It has decided to address the issues which can be resolved. For instance, from now on, payment of electricity bills by commercial users and the industry has been eased off.

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