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Digital library, solar energy system inaugurated

Federal Minister for Capital Administration and Development Nazar Mohammad Gondal on Thursday inaugurated the digital library, solar energy system and the disaster awareness programme at the Islamabad College for Girls, F-6/2.

“Modern technology like digital libraries could prove beneficial for students, and all public sector institutions must have this facility. Students should be facilitated to get access to latest available academic materials. Our students have the potential to excel in any field, provided, they are given the environment to study and proper guidance to groom”, said the minister.

He asked the heads of institutions to replicate the concept of digital library in their institutions and provide this facility to their students also. He urged them to enhance the provision of quality transportation for the students so that every child studying in any school or college must avail this facility.

He said the country was facing acute energy crisis and the solution is to find alternate energy sources. “I appreciate the administration of the college for moving in the direction of achieving self dependence to fulfil its energy needs”, Gondal said.

The minister also distributed some 500 Disaster Management Kits among the teachers, which were donated by Unesco. The kits carry materials for students’ interests and are aimed at educating the students in a playful manner, on ways to cope with natural disasters. He also inaugurated a Home Economics Lab of the college.

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