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‘Developing solar energy sector to help cut power outages’

Pakistan has a potential for alternative energy market as the people need solar energy systems because of the high cost of diesel and petrol, a statement said.

With the progress in solar energy sector, power outages could also be minimised, said Rahi Tajzadeh, Chief Executive Officer of BB Solar, during his visit to Pakistan, it said.

BB Solar will establish local market and distribution channels to assist in sales, import, support, installation, and maintenance, which will allow it to operate efficiently and effectively in this burgeoning market, he said.

Tajzadeh said that most residents, farmers, commercial and industrial markets are looking for higher quality Western products, while more economical and Chinese alternatives will be made available to those who are more budget conscious.

The potential market size here for one kilowatt to 25kW system ranges from 300 to 3,000 systems annually, depending upon the price and distribution and support channels, he said.

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