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CM invites Turkey to invest in energy

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has invited Turkish companies to invest in energy and theme park projects.

He was talking to a delegation of Turk company OZPAK led by Mr. Mohibi here on Thursday, says a handout.

MNA Khwaja Asif, MPA Mehr Ishtiaq, LTC Chairman Khwaja Hasaan, Lahore Waste Management Company managing director, Pak-Turk Foundation Regional Director Saadi Yildarir and respective officials were present.

Talking to the delegation, the chief minister said there were vast opportunities of investment in energy sector and the Punjab government was offering special incentives and facilities to foreign entrepreneurs.

He said Turkish companies were investing in various sectors in Punjab and benefiting from highly favourable atmosphere for investment.

He said Turkish investors had made investment worth billions of rupees during the last few years. He said Pakistan and Turkey had longstanding relations and the two countries were bound together in strong ties of mutual respect, love and friendship.

The Turkish delegation expressed its interest in the projects of energy and theme park. The delegation informed the chief minister that modern system of cleanliness in Lahore was being further extended and the second and third phase of this system was being started. The fourth phase of the project would also be initiated within one month.

The chief minister was informed that vehicles and machinery of Turk company had reached Lahore. He directed the LWMC chief to initiate 2nd and 3rd phase of the system in Lahore from Aug 14. He said the modern system of cleanliness would also be introduced in other big cities of Punjab and all preparations in this regard would be completed within the next three months. He also commended the cooperation of Turkish companies in the development of transport sector.

He said the Turkish company had also made investment in transport sector in Lahore. β€œIt is hoped that it will be in the forefront of provision of modern, comfortable and affordable transport facilities to the masses.”

He said work on metro bus service project in Lahore was under way and efforts were being made to complete the project at the earliest so that modern and rapid travelling facilities could become available to citizens. He said metro bus project would also be started in other big cities of Punjab.

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