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Bankrupt Solarhybrid sells off 201 MW of project rights in Israel

Solarhybrid AG, which filed for bankruptcy in March, has sold 201 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) project rights acquired in January 2012 by its subsidiary Solarhybrid Israel, to Summit Energy LP of Israel.

The agreed consideration consists of the assumption of current liabilities of solarhybrid Israel amounting to approximately NIS1.5 million and of earn-out-payments in connection with the acquisition of the solar PV project rights amounting to NIS21m.

Summit will also make earn-out-payments to Solarhybrid Israel of up to NIS4.5m upon the completion of the solar PV projects.

Solarhybrid AG filed for insolvency in March due to illiquidity before the local court in Arnsberg, Germany, weeks after listing project failures following the cuts in the German feed-in tariff for solar.

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