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APTMA sets up sustainable production centre

eth Muhammad Akbar, vice chairman of the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association, said that the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association in cooperation with the German International Cooperation has established a sustainable production centre to enhance energy efficiency.

He was addressing a seminar on waste heat recovery solutions for the textile industry, which was organised by the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association and German International Cooperation at a local hotel on Tuesday.

The vice chairman added that textile, being the largest manufacturing sector of Pakistan, is suffering due to non-availability of electricity and gas. As a result, the sector is failing to meet its production targets and is unable to overcome increasing energy costs. “To cope with the prevailing energy crisis faced by the textile industry, the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association has initiated a sustainable energy management system implementation programme.”

He expressed the hope that this futuristic approach of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association would strengthen the industry in dealing with energy management ahead.

Both local and foreign consultants at the seminar presented various options on waste heat recovery solutions, including installation of absorption chillers, gasifiers, and coal water slurry.

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