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Ajay Devgn’s eco-friendly ambitions

Actor Ajay Devgn is going green. Nope, he isn’t planning to visit Pakistan, the star of Singham is looking for ways to reduce his carbon footprint and that of the film that he is currently working on, Son of Sardar. While most actors will happily get paid to do an ad for any social or environmental cause, Devgn is working on reducing harmful emissions through a joint venture with the Roha Group that will ensure the installation of 600MW of solar power plants in Gujarat.

DNA India said: “According to a source, Ajay has always believed in eco-friendly processes and buzz is that he is keen to introduce the concept in filmmaking too, where solar powered generators can be used for electricity on sets, thus saving power. ‘Ajay has always believed in supporting such causes, be it at home or on sets. So, this was more than just a business venture for him,’ says a source.”

India has one of the largest film industry’s in the world and produces up to a thousand films in a year of various dialects and regional languages. The venture could help India save electricity and reduce green house emissions.

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