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747MW Power Plant Planned at Guddu

The government has planned to install a new 747-megawatt combined cycle power plant at Guddu in Sindh in order to enhance power production for meeting future requirements.

According to a statement issued on Thursday, the Ministry of Water and Power has asked the relevant department to speed up efforts and complete required formalities so that power production could be increased.

To step up activities for the project, Water and Power Minister Syed Naveed Qamar will hold a meeting with officials of the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC).

According to details, the project will comprise a 747MW combined cycle power plant consisting of two gas turbines of 243MW each, two heat recovery steam generators and one steam turbine of 261MW and associated equipment.

The new plant will be installed within the premises of existing Guddu power plant complex in Kashmore district of Sindh.

The existing plant includes 640MW steam turbine units consisting of two 110MW units and two 210MW units, a 600MW combined cycle plant and another 415MW combined cycle plant, with a total plant capacity of 1,655MW.

The existing steam and combined cycle units can run both on gas and fuel oil. However, fuel oil is used only during interruptions in gas supply. There will be no additional gas required for the new 747MW plant and existing supply will be used for power production.

According to the statement, environmental impact assessment of the new plant has been conducted in accordance with stipulations of Pakistan’s environmental laws and environmental guidelines of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

“The power plant will help the government in coping with increasing demand of electricity. It will enhance power supply to this area, make the supply more reliable and improve the quality of service. The project will also create employment opportunities,” the statement said.

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