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2,000MW nuclear plants being planned in Karachi

The government is planning to install two coastal nuclear power pants (CNPP-1, CNPP-2) each with the capacity to generate 1,000MW in Karachi to meet the future electricity needs of the business capital of Pakistan.

“The presidency and GHQ are showing great interest in the projects which will have substantial allocations in the next budget,” a senior Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) official, requesting anonymity, told The News.

“We have briefed the military leadership about the project and the presidency is also showing too much interest in the coastal nuclear power projects. Due to this reason, we are seeking major allocations in the public sector development plan for 2012-13,” the official added.

“Right now we are in the process of carrying out the seismic survey of the coastal area where the nuclear pants are expected to be installed.”There exists only one nuclear power plant in Karachi that can generate maximum 80MW of electricity.

In addition, the authorities concerned will also install four nuclear power plants on Taunsa Punjnad canal about 32 kilometres away from Muzzafargarh. They will generate 1,000MW of electricity.

The work on Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-3 and the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-4 is underway. The Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-3 is scheduled to be operative by December 2016 and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-4 in 2017.

However, authorities concerned are hopeful to complete both projects some eight months before their scheduled time.Each plant will have capacity to generate 325MW of electricity. In Chashma, Pakistan already has two nuclear power plants of 650MW that are functional.

Under the Energy Security Plan (2005-2030), the PAEC official said, the target was to generate 8,800MW of electricity. “Our objective is to increase the nuclear electricity share in the current electricity mix up to six percent from existing two percent.”

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